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If you're a busy manager who wants to improve your leadership skills, our training modules are perfect for you. With a focus on practical solutions, you'll learn how to build a happy and high-performing team. We know that being a leader can be challenging, and our goal is to give you tools to succeed.


Track 1 Starts March 15!

TRACK 1: Navigate Team Challenges

Overcome change, conflict, and low-performance to get your team back on track

March 15, April 19, and May 17 from 11:30AM-1:00PM US-EST

Coming Later in 2023...

TRACK 2: Strengthen Team Relationships

TRACK 3: Leadership Re-Boot

This training is for you if you relate to ANY of these...

1.  You are super busy and don't have much time for training.

2.  You value personal development and want to be a better leader.

3. Your team is going through a change and you want to support them.

4. You want to improve the performance of at least one team member.

5.  You have team members who come to you to solve their conflict with others. 

You're not alone if you're facing these complex and sometimes emotional challenges. All leaders want to be able to manage diffcult situations with confidence.

With a focus on practical solutions, our leadership training will help you accomplish your goals and reach your potential.

The modules in Track 1: Conquering Common Leadership Challenges, will help you build the confidence and skills you need to gracefully manage change, conflict, and performance issues on your team.

Your future looks bright!

In TRACK 1: Navigate Team Challenges, you'll participate in 3 interactive modules (1 per month) where you will learn to...

Motivate Your Team

and Manage People Through Change

Engage Your Employees

and Coach to Improve Performance & Increase Accountability

Mediate Disagreements

and Manage Conflict When Your Team Disagrees

Handle difficult team issues with confidence.

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Enrollment Ends on 3/10/23



What you'll get:

Access to three live online 90-minute modules, recordings, and PDF Workbooks


Enrollment Ends on 3/10/23



What's you'll get:

Everything in Track 1


Three 50-minute private coaching sessions (1 per month) 


Here is what you'll get with this track...

  • Access to three 90-minute virtual training modules (one per month)
  • Access to the recording of each training module for 30-days after it's recorded
  • PDF color workbooks
  • Private coaching is an optional add-on

Get skilled up quickly.

What is Covered in Track 1?

Click each box below for a description and learning objectives for each module in this series. You get all three!

We experience relentless change in our jobs and leaders need to be able to inspire others through this chaotic and sometimes draining experience. Understanding how change affects people and learning techniques to encourage, support, and motivate teams through change is a critical skill set for all leaders.

In this session you will learn:

1. Ways to help others work through the four stages of change.
2. How to coach someone who is feeling resistant to a change out of their control.
3. How to coach others when you are also resistant to a change.

As a result, you will be more knowledgeable and ready to coach and support team members through changes in a way that builds trust, connection, and engagement.

Dealing with performance issues is one of the most common challenges leaders face. Each team member is unique, so it’s difficult to know how to motivate, coach, and set them up for success. Much time is wasted thinking about and attempting to improve performance and often it doesn’t feel like it’s worth the effort.

In this session, you will:

1. Learn the 5 things that motivate and demotivate your team.
2. Gain a simple 5-step process to analyze the root issue impeding improved performance.
3. Explore the fundamentals of coaching to listen and empower your team.

As a result, you will have a concrete framework and process to quickly identify the roadblocks to the desired performance and work with your employee to establish a plan for improvement that you both feel good about.

Conflict is inevitable in all teams. Often conflict is viewed as negative and destructive, yet when leaders manage the conflict wisely it is possible to come to agreement on solutions that all parties feel good about. When the team disagrees about how to proceed, leaders need to facilitate a discussion that ideally results in a win-win for everyone.

In this session you will learn:

1. How to address conflict in a constructive manner.
2. The five Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Modes and the pros and cons of each approach.
3. A two-step process to resolve conflict.

As a result, you will improve your ability to manage your own mindset and determine a plan of action to address the conflict while maintaining your integrity, building trust and alignment with your stakeholders.

Meet Your Instructor & Coach

Leigh Ann Rodgers, CEO & Principal of Better Teams, is a team building specialist with over 25 years facilitating team workshops, coaching leaders, and delivering leadership training.  She has worked with teams around the globe including Mars, Inc., National Geographic, Safe-Guard, AARP, Univision, Whirlpool, Centers for Disease Control, and Custom Ink.

Driven by the mission to positively impact corporate culture and cultivate high-performing, happy teams, Leigh Ann Rodgers is recognized by leaders around the world for her ability to get resistant teams to engage in transformational dialogue, collaborate on how to work better together, and increase satisfaction and retention. 

Her flagship offerings include the Better Teams Model and Assessment, Team Consultant Academy, The Better Teams Community - FORWARD, and the Leading Better Teams podcast.

Frequently Asked Questions

This course will be offered on the third Wednesday of the month.

Dates for TRACK 1: Navigate Team Challenges:

March 15, 2023

April 19, 2023

May 17, 2023

All modules are delivered LIVE from:

8:30AM - 10:00AM PST

11:30AM - 1:00PM EST (NYC)

4:30PM - 6:00PM GMT

Here is a world clock converter.

When you enroll you will receive calendar invites to all three sessions within two business days. 

You will have access to each recording of these modules for one month.  So, if you need to miss one, you'll have a month to catch up.


The modules will be LIVE Zoom calls facilitated by Leigh Ann Rodgers.  

The calls will be interactive and include polls and breakout rooms to allow time for application and discussion with other leaders.

TRACK 1: Navigate Team Challenges is for managers and leaders who want tools and resources to help them lead their teams through turbulent times.  

It is ideal for busy leaders who are interested in their own professional development and who enjoy learning with others.

If you value learning, but are struggling to find the time to do this, these 90-minute sessions are going to provide you with just-enough information to be able to put it use right away with your team.


Better Teams values our clients and students.  We want to ensure you are extremely satisfied with the training you receive.  If you are not, please let us know and if we can't rectify it we will refund your tuition.

You'll have access to 3 LIVE training modules in Track 1: Navigate Team Challenges.

All modules are 90 minutes and will be recorded.

Module 1: Manage People Through change

Module 2: Coach to Improve Performance & Increase Accountability

Module 3: Manage Conflicts When Your Team Disagrees

All sessions will be on the third Wednesday of the month from 11:30AM-1:00PM EDT.

The interactive sessions will take place in Zoom.  

We've designed our modules to be as effective and user-friendly as possible. We've included only the best information and tools on each topic, so you can get the most out of your learning experience.

Our modules are interactive and engaging, so you'll stay focused and motivated. Everything is practical and easy to apply. You'll also have opportunities to interact and learn from other leaders.

You'll also be learning from a coach and facilitator with over 25 years in the leadership and team development space. Leigh Ann Rodgers has worked with leaders around the globe and has a deep understanding about the challenges leaders face and the tools that are the most useful.


Are you ready to build happy and high-performing teams?


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