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Better Teams Certification

Certify your internal staff to facilitate team building sessions in your organization to retain happy and high-performing teams

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Every organization faces a multitude of challenges when it comes to developing high performing teams. And, in today's environment of uncertainty, coupled with hybrid work schedules, it's often even more challenging for HR, OD, and L&D leaders to find the time to diagnose and create a strategy for team dynamic success for each and every team within an organization.

HR and OD Leaders need a proven tool that can expertly diagnose and pinpoint areas of challenge and growth so that teams can excel and get back to the business of contributing to the success of the organization.

Often, outside consultants are called in to offer an objective look at team dynamics; however, with companies facing increasingly complex challenges on a more frequent basis, it makes good business sense to have internal employees knowledgeable and certified with specialized tools that will allow them to act fast and have confidence in their situational assessments. That's where the Better Teams Certification comes in.

Arm your internal facilitators to help teams...

  • Adapt to the pace of change
  • Attract and retain talent
  • Adjust to working remote/hybrid
  • Inspire and motivate their team
  • Overcome feeling burned out
  • Find time to work "on" the team
  • Keep team members engaged

When your internal facilitators are certified, they can confidently, efficiently, and effectively guide teams through a proven process to identify team strengths, uncover areas of great opportunity, and most importantly, create clear action plans for success.

The Better Teams Model & Method Builds Happy & High-performing Teams

The Better Teams Model & Assessment is specifically designed to transform teams who want to improve their well-being and effectiveness.

Teams will be able to quickly pinpoint strengths and opportunity areas, in order to align and co-create dynamic, effective action plans. 

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Here's what practitioners say about the incredible results they've achieved....

Gain Alignment

"The Better Teams Model helps teams and  leaders gain alignment by encouraging conversation about what may be getting in the way of a trusting working environment."

- Beverly Winkler, L&D

Support Teams

"The Better Teams Model helps teams assess their work and relationships and gives me a rich way to support them."

- Barbara Pedersen, CPF

Get Results

"The results we got in two short sessions blew the leader's mind. I don't know of anything better than the Better Teams Model & Assessment."

- Wayne Pendle, Facilitator

Why Certify Your Facilitators? 

We get it. Sometimes it makes sense to bring in outside consultants who are expert in team diagnostics... but this can be costly and some teams prefer to work with internal facilitators.

Plus, research tells us that employees highly value companies that offer training and certification opportunities, and as a result, are more loyal to their employers. Your team will appreciate the opportunity to get certified and build their professional skillsets and credentials.

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The Better Teams Certification is simple AND thorough...

1. Select your facilitators

Certify one staff member or 100+ 

2. Complete the program

Read more about the process below

3. Strengthen your teams

Begin the transformation process 

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We are committed to working with team practitioners who are committed to elevating their facilitator teams and who are dedicated to building happy and high-performing teams.

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